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10 Photos Of Nature Joining The Halloween Spirit


Hold on to your Pumpkin Spice Lattes ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is wickedly approaching. And yes, of course we’re all ready to have fun with this awesomest of holidays, but nature somehow… surprised us with the holiday spirit. Didn’t notice?

You will agree, after you see these photos of nature teaming up with Halloween spirits to spook us right out of our Uggs.

1. The angry fist of God!

Maybe just an orange cloud, but you’ll probably want to turn the car around.


Source: via Facebook / Navegador Mensal

2. Could it be a heavenly spirit?

There are angel costumes on Halloween, you know.


Source: via DeviantArt / YellowSunflower1

3. An army of ghosts trying to break through the supernatural veil!

Or just clouds.  You decide.


Source: via Fascinating Cloud Formations

4. A tornado of fire? Yes, please do turn the car around.


Source: via Time | Janae Copelin / Barcroft Media | Landov

5. What nice weather to be watching The Fog.

Or The Mist. Or, just go to bed.


Source: via The Blue Brick

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