10+ Pics Of First Day Of School Vs Last Day Of School


Putting a picture of your first day at school beside a picture from your last day at school makes for an interesting comparison, but not only that, it also make you think of all the things that happened in between. The good grades, the bad grades, the friends and the fallouts, the teachers, the first loves, the interesting subjects, the boring subjects, the things that made you go red, the detentions, the highlights…all the little and big experiences that brought you out the other end a smarter, more rounded person who can be proud of everything they’ve achieved and laugh at the silly times.

BoredPanda gathered this cute collection of first and last day photos to share with us. while it may seem like a lifetime to you, it went by in an instant for your parents!

If you you know someone sending their kid to school for the first time this year. Pass this on, as it’s something they won’t regret.

1. First Day Of First Grade And Last Day Of High School



2. My Friend’s First, And, Last Day Of School



3. My Son Is Away At College Now, But For 13 Years We Were Faithful To The ‘First Day Of School’ Pic



4. First And Last Day Of School



5. First Day Of Kindergarten And Last Day Of Medical School



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