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10 Places Every Animal Lover Should Visit Immediately


If you love animals, then you were definitely happy to go to the zoo during the weekends with your parents. If it was some small zoo, no doubt all you could see were goats and maybe a cow and a pony. But check this out. If you are now planning your next holiday, there are amazing places with animals you can visit. You can even take your kids with you.

Turns out there are lots of places in the world you can visit adorable animals. You will have unforgettable moments if you visit some of these 10 vacation destinations for animal lovers.

So, it’s vacation time!


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1. Foxy Beach, South Africa.

If you love penguins, then Foxy Beach is the place for you. These cute birds are there all year round. Anyway, the best time to visit is in January because then you can see all the baby penguins. Especially if you are there early in the morning or late afternoon, you will see some of these cuties for sure.


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2. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania.

If you want to spend some time with less violent kangaroos. Then you can find wallabies in Wineglass Bay. They can be seen everywhere through the trails and on the beach of this picturesque place.


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3. Assateague Island, Virginia.

These cute ponies have been the residents of the Assateague Island since the 1600s. The best time to visit this place is at the end of July. Every year around 40,000 people come to Assateague to watch the Pony Swim. If you can’t make it in July you can see them at other times of the year as well on one of the nature tours that take place between May and October.


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4. Big Major Cay, Bahamas.

Probably you know that if you go there, you can swim with pigs.  The Bahamas is home to the beach with swimming pigs. They are extremely friendly and love to be fed treats and visited by tourists although they are technically feral. There are around 20 pigs that live in Big Major Cay.


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5. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil.

Check out this little gang of coati, they are adorable. They are actually long-nosed raccoons. They love to come out of the jungle and visit tourists, especially if the promise of food is there. But watch out because they are still wild animals and don’t like to be petted or handled.


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6. Nara, Japan.

Nara is home to nearly 1,200 deer that roam freely through the park. You can go and have an unforgettable time because they are very tame and seem to enjoy the company of people. They only become aggressive if they think you will feed them or if it’s during mating season. Some of them have even learned to bow to visitors while asking for food. You can buy deer crackers at various points in the park to feed them.


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7. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.

Here you can see more than only one adorable animal. The Galápagos Islands is one of the most diverse places in the world for wildlife. If you visit, you are likely to see an incredible variety of birds, reptiles, marine mammals, fish, insects, tortoises and more!


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8. Ōkunoshima, Japan.

Also known as Rabbit Island, Ōkunoshima is a very popular place for animal lovers because of the 300 wild rabbits that inhabit the island. Summer is the best time to visit these adorable little critters.  They aren’t shy either! The moment you enter the island they are coming for you looking for love — and of course bunny treats, which are available to buy.


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9. Rottnest Island, Australia.

The cutest rodent ever lives here. The quokkas are one of the main attractions of Rottnest Island. They are friendly and they love taking selfies. These animals  always look like they are smiling. Fun fact: Rottnest literally translates to rat’s nest!


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10. Zao Fox Village, Japan.

The foxes in this village live in an enclosed area with lots of bushes and trees. They make their homes in the little huts. Some of them are friendly and will come over to see if you have any treats for them. Don’t forget to buy some at the gate.


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Well, there you have! Now it’s up to you to decide where you will go!


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