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10 Tricky Questions To Test Your Brain

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Our brain loves the little tests and games we sometimes play with it in order to practically exercise its strength.

But what about actually using brain teasers to train the brain? And why is it so important? Sharpbrains.com says our brains are composed of different areas and functions. We can strengthen them through mental exercise – or they get atrophied for lack of practice. The benefits can be:

Short-term (improved concentration and memory, sustained mental clarity under stressful situations…), and

Long-term (creation of a “brain reserve” that help protect us against potential problems such as Alzheimer’s).

How many of these can you solve?

Bonus, for a calm day ahead:

Here are some things you can do for stress relief: a 5-minute visualization, combining deep and regular breathings with seeing in our mind’s eye beautiful landscapes and/ or remembering times in our past when we have been successful at a tough task.


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