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10 reasons why experts say celery is healthy food


This super veggie was used as a medicine since the Middle Ages. Nowadays it has more “salad eating” taste than before, and experts are considering it as a must-eat-now plant. Celery will improve your health for sure.  It can be used as ingredient many dishes like soups, salads, dips,  juices…


Don’t forget about celery while you are in the grocery shops, and you can find it all year round. If you don’t like to eat it raw, juice it and mix it with other fruits. That way you will get most off its benefits which are great for all the parts od your body. Try it and allow yourself to be amazed. Learn how celery will help your body?

1.Here is how you can prepare celery juice.


It’s very simple. Jou can use juicer or blender. Select firm and dark celery stalks because they are richer in nutrients. Use the leaves as well and add some water. You can add greek yogurt, different fruits, nuts, and honey.


2This super veggie is super hydrating


It’s full of vitamins minerals and enzymes like A, B1, B2, B6, and C, as well as folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and sodium. It contains a lot of water, and it is replacing the lost electrolytes. It’s a perfect alternative to sugary energy drinks. If you feel tired, or during workout  drink one 

3.Prevents and reduces inflammation


His Majesty the celery is fantastic for reducing inflammation in the body arthritis and gout.It contains a lot of antioxidants that soothe the body and reduce inflammation. 

For an antioxidant bomb blend it with carrots, parsley, and fennel

4.Celery will help your urinary


Celery juice is great if you have a bloated feeling or like you are retaining water. Celery will clean the toxins from your kidneys.


5.It will improve your digestion


Celery is an excellent source of fibers necessary for our digestive system. Blend celery juice if you are suffering from constipation. Celery fibers will clean the intestines.

6. Prevents forming a kidney and gall stones


Celery is super detoxifier, and it will flush out the toxins from the kidneys and gallbladder which are forming stones.

7. Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure


Celery is rich in phthalide. It is a nutrient which relaxes the smooth muscles in the arteries, which lowers blood pressure. This plant contains coumarins which is an antioxidant that reduces cortisol levels and prevents cell damage to the blood vessels. 

8. Helps soothe headaches


Celery juice delivers a calming wave of electrolytes, nutrients, and, of course, water to the body, and help calm an aching head caused by dehydration and stress.

9. It has anti-aging effect on the skin


For a healthy and young skin, you should drink celery juice every day. It has vitamins K, A, B, and C which are playing significant role in the skin health 

10. You will sleep better


Celery is a relaxant, and it lowers cortisol levels which means that if you consume celery, you will sleep much better.


It also has calming effects due to the magnesium. People with magnesium deficiencies are advised to drink celery. 


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