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10 Reasons Why We Miss Kim Kardashian


Let’s get something straight. Kim’s break from social media is only temporary, right? RIGHT? Because Kimmie K got people so used to the fact that they can’t live with her, by reading her tweets, checking her app and liking her Facebook posts. And now that she was attacked in Paris, she announced that she would be withdrawing from the public eye. People have even insinuated that the attack was provoked by flashing her jewelry and income online.

Nevertheless, we don’t see her every day anymore, which leaves a devastated followship unable to peek inside her time with the babies, or family, or photo shoots, or whatever we were used to seeing do everyday.

While you’re thinking about which part of Kim’s media empire you’ll be missing the most, check out the video to remind yourself of everything Kim liked to share with us, from makeup to jokes, family and friends.




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