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10 Regular People That Are Beyond Hot According To The Internet


Choosing the most handsome people from all the celebrities is quite easy, as we know so much about them. George Clooney can be one of them if you follow this old technique. However, ordinary people can be so damn hot too, although we are often not aware of it as they are not celebrities! Luckily, some of the average folks were snapped and put on the jot list, so now we finally know there are handsome men and pretty women out there. When the public grows tired of all the Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian photos, normal people take over. These captured the hearts of millions, and you are about to see them, too.

Thanks to social media and the fact that mugshots are posted online daily, the public gets to catch a few diamonds. Folks like Hot Debate Guy and Alex from Target are perfect examples of regular people the Internet considers totally hot. Here are some of them.

1. Hot Ref, Super Bowl 2016


When Clete Blakeman showed up on the field during Super Bowl 50, everyone was shocked. Twitter, in particular. Interestingly, before Clete was refereeing football games, he played backup quarterback at Nebraska, and then he worked his way up to being a referee. Just look at those moves!

2. Notre Dame Quarterback Cam McDaniel


In 2015, Cam McDaniel tried out for the Dallas Cowboys. Although he didn’t make the team, he was surely a winner of ladies’ hearts.

3. Photogenic guy caught randomly


Zeddie Little had a lot on his back when a photo of him running a 10k went viral. Since then, he became the dream of women working out every day. Sorry, ladies, but he is already taken!

4. Alex from Target


Alex from Target is a bonafide celebrity, if you would like to call him that. Someone took a photo of him in 2014 and put it on social media – we can say he’s been a sensation ever since.

5. Jiu-Jitsu Master Clark Gracie


Although hottie Clark Gracie pretty clearly didn’t win the particular match that made him famous, he sure looked good while losing it. So hot!

6. Ridiculously photogenic surgery girl


This photogenic woman caught on camera before undergoing surgery is actually, Reddit user WhosThatGirl_ItsRachel. She eventually became so popular, she ended up on Good Morning America. Meme life is apparently worth it.

7. Daniel Lohill


There is something about bad boys that’s adorable! Daniel Lohill was a petty thief from New Zealand, but he was a damn hot one! One of the things the Internet has taught us is that people somehow love criminals when they are looking smoking hot.

8. Hot debate guy


Hot Debate Guy (Gregory Caruso) became a hot-button topic on the Internet a while ago. After the second 2016 GOP debate ended, he was the main topic of discussion online.

9. Dr. Hottie McHotterson


Dr. Mike Varshavski (you can call him Dr. Hottie)  shot to Internet fame after his Instagram page blew up. This New York City third-year medical resident is basically a celebrity with 2.6 million Instagram followers and his own YouTube fan club.

10. The shirtless jogger who stole our hearts


Ethan Renoe was just going for a jog in December 2015 during a storm wearing just a pair of shorts. A WGN Chicago reporter thought it was interesting to catch him shirtless and the Internet loved it, too. After the news clip went viral, Renroe said he was inundated with messages from women all over the world. Of course, they all wanted to date him.

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