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Signs To Figure Out If A Guy Is Interested In You


Oh, there are signs, and they’re pretty revealing, we’ll give you that.

Chances are, you like someone at the moment and you’re dying to know if they’re interested, right? Right. It’s not that hard, to be honest. We have secrets, you know.

Okay, okay, we’re telling!

When it comes to figuring out if a guy likes you, it doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist. Men are different from women in many ways, and when it comes to dropping hints to someone they like, they are a lot less subtle.

From not being able to take his eyes off you, to several body language clues, these are tons of ways to see through them.

Eye Contact

If he glances your way more than once, or more than fifteen times (duh!) chances are, he’s pretty much into you.


If he is always giving you compliments it is because he likes what he sees. The worst thing to do in these moments is to not accept the compliments. So, learn how to accept compliments, gurl.

hi beautiful

Notices Small Things

If he notices all the small details like your makeup or haircut that’s because he pays too much attention to you.

For more examples, check the video below:


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