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10 Signs Of A Guy’s Affection


You don’t need a daisy flower to see through someone’s affection for you anymore… just check out what’s on Youtube! If only we knew sooner, right? No more sleepless nights, no more endless conversations with friends on the topic… In the era of internet, someone took to revealing people’s secrets.

So how do we recognize someone’s affection?

This video posted by TheTalko goes through the most important verbal and more importantly non-verbal signs that a guy finds you attractive. Some men can be very direct when flirting so you might not have problems recognizing their affection, but don’t forget that 90% of all communication is non-verbal: this video might help you spot the little things, gestures, mannerisms, and body-language expressions only a guy who likes you might do.

If you want to get more similar advice about human relationships check out the other videos on TheTalko’s channel. TheTalko is a platform that congests knowledge about relationships, celebrities, fitness & health and fashion in videos shorter than 5 minutes packed with information.


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