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You Might Wanna Know What Could Happen If You Leave Your Pet Home Alone


If you are an animal lover, you probably melt at pictures with cute animals. Also, your pets are all over your house. Having a pet requires extra responsibility in terms of food and emotional nourishment, too. Different pets would want different things, and that’s why some people would have only one certain breed and would make sure they take maximum care of them. Sometimes, though, having pets becomes very similar to having kids. Small pets are like babies, they cry, they want milk and warmth. They are completely unaware of their surroundings, too. Now let’s consider having to go out and not taking them with us. This is where the “fun” part begins. If they are very little they might cry and look for you, but if they know that you’re going to come back, they might do something else. Leaving your pet t home is a double-edged sword. Sometimes they would tear your room apart, or play with your precious instruments. They would do just anything for attention. Then, you will get home and see a surprise.

These people had not so pleasant surprises after leaving their pets home alone.

1. Caught in the act – doesn’t seem to care.


Source: Isai76

2. That was some good catnip bruh. Good catnip.


Source: KelseyKronmiller

3. ‘I was just playing around with some paper towels’


Source: MacJInTheBay

4. When your cat snuggles with your couch and destroys it.


Source: Gadawgfan

5. And you tried so hard…taking planting lessons.


6. When you treat yourself with a new pillow, but your dog wants it for himself only. And there is the cat, wondering what’s happening.


Source: GrimaldiJ

7. When your owner thinks he can just lock you in like this. Now he will see how deep this dog can go.


Source: Haemearae

8. Leaving your dog at home is no fun.


Source: ruserious65433

9. Toilet training cat went wild.


10. When your dog does not have a guilty face, but a proud one instead.



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