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10 smart logos with hidden message


Logos exist since the ancient history in differents forms. But in 1870 the real evolution of the logos began. Eash logo has to have a unique design and to send a short, clear message. Driven by the Ludvig Mies van der Rohe’s saying “Less is more”  modern designers are often hiding messages in the logos we see everywhere. Have you ever spotted where this messages are? Here we have some examples you will find interesting.


1. Sony Vaio

1. Sony Vaio

Try explaining the hidden message of this extravagant Sony Vaio logo. It’s a fantastic example of modern typography.  It has a wave line, but it’s divided into two parts symbolising the analog signal and the binary number system 1 and 0. It’s merging this two technologies.


2. Wendy’s

2. Wendy’s3

The new Wendy’s logo which was unveiled in 2013 has the secret message at the girl’s collar. Take a look and if you concentrate you will recognize the word MOM. It was a smart solution to merge love, affection, and food in one word although Wendy’s has communicated at one point that ‘it was unintentional.’



3. Coca Cola

3. Coca Cola

It was a surprise even for Coca-Cola to discover that the logo has a strange connection with Denmark. Apparently, a small part of one of the most famous logos in the world signifies the Danish flag. If you can’t believe just focus on the second half of the logo at the letter ‘o’ of ‘Cola.’ This revelation was happily embraced, and Coca-Cola pulled off a publicity stunt at Denmark’s largest airport.


4. FedEx

4. FedEx

FedEx logo played smart with the use of white negative space in logo designs. If you concentrate on the letters E and X on end, you will see an arrow in the area. This pictures an image of a proficient company speaking about its delivery accuracy and looking forward to a positive future.


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