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The 10 Most Spoiled Celebrity Children

Spoiled Celebrity Children
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I love people who are rich, but still modest. People like Steve Jobs (RIP), Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg. Those guys are (were) worth billions, and tell me, have you ever seen Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates wear a Rolex watch, or Yeezys, or drive around Dubai in the latest bespoke Bugatti Chiron? No, of course not. That’s the beauty of being modest. You have money to spend, but you don’t do it, because you know it’s not about the money.

Well, unfortunately, these kids of the richest celebrity certainly won’t grow up to be modest, as they get spoiled with all kinds of cool things some of us can only dream of having. Here are 10 of the most spoiled celebrity kids.

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter got a pony for her birthday

And no, I won’t mention the news about Beyonce expecting twins, or the fact that Beyonce posed naked on top of a vintage Porsche, cause right now we’re focusing on her 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

You probably thought “Hmm, you mean like a plush pony toy. That’s what you mean right?” Nope, she got a real pony. As in, a pure-blooded Arabian pony worth in excess of $75,000. For her second birthday. My Goodness. Before she was born her dad Jay-Z stated that he’d be showering his firstborn with tons of gifts, turning her into (in his words), the “worst spoiled kid ever.”

I know this may seem ridiculous, but when you remember that Beyonce is the reigning queen of America, we shouldn’t look at Blue Ivy as a spoiled rich kid, but rather as a member of the American royal family. She’s a princess, and princess need horses… Wait, weren’t horses reserved for the prince? Oh, nevermind…

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2. Suri Cruise has stayed in Cinderella’s castle

Even before the nasty breakup of her parents, Top Gun star Tom Cruise, and Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes, 10-year-old Suri was reported to be one of the best dressed kids on the planet. Certain rumors estimated the total value of her wardrobe excluding the shoes to, get this, $2 million. Holy cow.

And, since the parents’ breakup, the lavish lifestyle hasn’t gone away. She has reportedly been given a vacation inside an ultra-exclusive hotel room inside Cinderella’s castle at Disneyworld, and a treehouse that cost north of $100k.

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 2

3. A young prince has led brands to bend over backward

One nail care firm called Stylfile was so happy about young Prince George’s arrival to planet Earth, that they actually went ahead to design their first line of nail care products… for babies. Yes really. Since this was for infants, the set was crafted from 18-carat gold and was attached to 350 one-carat diamonds. Such an early start for 3-year-old George may mean he’ll spend his life and make a living looking unimpressed.

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4. Brooklyn Beckham’s starry night ceiling

Brooklyn Beckham always lived the lush life. But the 17-year-old son of soccer/football superstar David Beckham didn’t make the leap to professional until he shot a fragrance layout for burberry in 2016. One time his parents actually dropped 50 grand on a fiber-optic ceiling for his room, to simulate the night sky.

As you can tell from this picture, the Beckham beauty gene seems to run in the whole family!

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 4

5. Emme and Max Anthony got the party of their lives that they won’t remember

As if dropping big dollars on his own kids wasn’t enough, Tom Cruise also indulges in dropping big dollars on his friends’ kids too. When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s twins Emme and Max were born, the parents asked Tom to act as a godfather to them. But he had a better idea.

He threw a $200k ‘Welcome to the World’ party. You don’t really worry about money when you’re shaking your diamond rattle and hanging around Elton John and Eva Longoria, now can you?

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 5

6. Christina Aguilera spent $35k on her son’s nursery

Back in 2008, Grammy winner Christina Aguilera welcomed her first son to the world, 9-year-old Max Liron Bratman. It’s reported that she spent upwards of 30 grand to turn her son’s room into a Dali-inspired children wonderland. The room features a prop from his mom’s Back To Basics Tour, and several clashing themes beyond the moon, including odes to Paddington Bear and Nintendo characters.

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 6

7. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has a wardrobe worth more than $100,000

Even though the concert costumes she inherited from her mother contribute to a big part of that value, the 58-year-old singer’s eldest daughter Lourdes actually has lived a truly luxurious life. Madonna actually hired a professional Italian furniture designer to create a specifically designed set for Lourdes, and each piece cost a little bit more than $3,500.

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 7

8. Elton John’s son got his very own $2 million flat

Elton John has way more money than he could possibly ever spend. So he decided to use it well, and paid a designer two million dollars to turn the apartment that’s affixed to his $33 million mansion into an oversized state-of-the-art nursery.

Obviously, it’s never too early to become a proper homeowner, right?

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9. It’s never easy being First Kid, but it’s easier to adjust if you hang with celebrities

It wouldn’t be fair to include only the Trumps as the only political family with a spoiled kid. When the Obama family took office, they eased their daughters’ lives into the White House with the hosting of personal concerts from Jonas Brothers, the cast of Glee and High School Musical.

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 9

10. P. Diddy’s son cruises around in style

These days, P. Diddy’s 23-year-old son Justin Combs is working hard at UCLA, playing football for the school. He has actually been the subject of some drama in recent months, as there were some reports that one of the team’s coaches picked on his famous last name claiming that he didn’t earn the spot on the team on his own merit. While this may not be true, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. If a dad buys his son a $360k Maybach for his birthday, you know he’s doing everything he can for his baby boy.

Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids 10

And you thought that rich kid from class was spoiled…

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