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10 Most Successful People Who Dropped Out of High School


Education is very important, and everyone reading this should stay in school and say no to drugs and eat your vegetables and follow your dreams. But sometimes people choose not to finish high school and things work out pretty well for them. Obviously, they don’t represent what happens to every high school dropout, and it’s valuable to have an education whether you become rich and famous or not.

“Stay in school!” That’s the advice celebrities usually give young fans, but you’d be surprised how many Hollywood heavyweights never graduated high school. This list of Famous High School Dropouts is ranked by fame and popularity. Some of the most famous actors and musicians of all time have had successful careers without receiving a high school diploma. Many of them left school at an early age in order to pursue their dreams, while some left school due to bad grades or bad behavior.

Maybe school isn’t always the gateway to success, at least it wasn’t for the people on this list cause these are the top 10 most successful people who dropped out early.


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