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Everyday Things That Make Your Life Easier

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Hey everyone, we are here to make your life easier. Every day we see hundreds of design features and pay little or no attention to them. But have you ever asked yourself, what is that for? or why is that there? This video is for the very people who asks these kind of questions.

Today we are showing you 10 things that you may have wondered about. A lot of questions will be answered and you will honestly be amazed at the end. From the holes in airplane windows to the colored squares on toothpaste and those plastic cylinder on cables, all will be revealed.

Why is there a loop on the back of a shirt?

How many of you knew that the loop exists for hanging your shirt? Well that’s only one of it purposes. Later it also had a social purpose, where Ivy League students would cut the loop when they started ‘going steady’ with a girl. along the lines of a promise ring today.

loop on the back of the shirt

Find out more amazing facts in the video below

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