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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise is one of the most well-known and successful actors of the modern age. His rise to prominence was in the ’80s hit Top Gun, and since then, he’s become the international symbol for a successful actor, and in some cases, a girl’s celebrity crush.

Even though Tom looks like he has a perfect life, it’s far from all roses. He’s had quite a few bumps, particularly with the failed marriages.

Here are some really interesting facts about Tom Cruise that all of you hardcore fans should read.

1. He’s a hero of the streets

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tom Cruise 2

Тоm apparently chased some robbers because they ripped jewelry from a neighbor in London in 1998. Tom and his bodyguards chased down the two attackers and they became real heroes. Respect!

2. He’s keen to help out

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tom Cruise 3

One time, Tom saw a woman get hit by a car. He followed her to the hospital, and discovered that the lady had serious injuries but no insurance. He made sure that the entire medical bill was paid… with his own money!

3. He’s worth a lot. Like, a lot

3. He's Worth More Than Most Of Us Could Ever Imagine

Tom is listed on The Richest’s list of richest actors as #3, with a net worth of a staggering $480 million. That’s a lot.

4. He didn’t go to his high school graduatiоn

4. He Missed His Own High School Graduation

At the time, he was performing in Godspell, and his drive to become a serious actor ultimately led to him missing his high school graduation ceremony, just so he can appear in the performance. That’s called dedication.

5. He was bullied

5. He Was Bullied As A Kid

Tom was always the new kid in town, due to his family always moving around, and he was often times subject to bullying. While he wasn’t a big kid, he learned to stand up for himself while he was still very young.

6. His mom was an inspiration to him

6. His Mother Was An Inspiration

Tom’s mom (that rhymes!) was always an inspiration to him. Due to Tom’s dad not being the best of dads, Tom’s mother Mary Lee Mapother worked really hard to make sure her kids were happy even if they were living with a single parent.

7. He struggled with dyslexia

7. He Struggled With Dyslexia

All through the schooling years, he struggled with serious dyslexia. When he got his first role at age 19, he realized his disability wasn’t going to stop him from pursuing his dreams and learning his lines. He decided to become a visual learner and created mental images along the way.

8. Anne Rice paid over $7,000, just to apologize to him

8. Anne Rice Paid Over $7,000 To Apologize To Him

Anne Rice wrote the book Interview with The Vampire, which was the template for a 1994 movie starring Tom. She paid $7,740 for an ad in a newspaper, just so she can apologize for doubting that the filmmakers casted him for the movie. She didn’t want a film adaptation of her book, and she made that clear, but once she saw the movie, she ultimately changed her mind.

9. There’s a day in Japan dedicated to him

9. Japan Has A Day Dedicated To Him

Because of Tom’s many trips to Japan and the people there being big fans of him, October 6 in Japan is national Tom Cruise day. How cool!

10. He likes to do stunts himself

10. He Likes To Do His Own Stunts

Rather than calling in stunt doubles, Tom likes to do his own stunts, in pretty much every movie he’s ever been in, even if it involves him hanging from an airplane mid-flight.

And that’s the last fact. Did we miss any facts, Tom Cruise fans? Please let us know in the comments below!

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