10 Tidbits On The 'Flip or Flop' El Moussa Family

10 Tidbits On The ‘Flip or Flop’ El Moussa Family

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People just love the El Moussa couple. Those two managed to turn their luck upside down when they become reality tv stars of HGTV’s Flip or Flop show.

In 2008, when recession was looming at large and people weren’t investing in real estate anymore, these two realtors took a major hit.

They decided to flip the situation by later becoming the real estate power couple of reality shows.

However, after a heated domestic ‘situation’ that played out in May last year, they are no longer a couple. Just last month, People magazine reports, Tarek filed for divorce.

The altercation of May 2016 made headlines since it was reported that it apparently involved fire arms.

“On Monday, May 23, 2016, at approximately 3:45 p.m. Sheriff’s personnel responded to Chino Hills State Park Main Ridge Trail.”, it’s stated in the official Orange County Sheriff’s Department police report.

In conclusion, there were no charges filed and the situation was resolved amicably on behalf of both parties.

In a joint statement, 8 months later, the couple said that they were to part “civilly and cooperatively” and they were to continue their professional relationship. “During the process, we are committed to our kids and being the best parents we can be”.

1. For Better or Worse

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Tarek and Christina started dating way before the birth of the show, but what really made their relationship rock-solid is the blow they received during the recession of 2008.  “The beginning of our relationship was very tough and she rode the wave with me, never complaining about our situation.”, says Tarek.

2. Young Money

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Tarek was only 21 when he received his real estate license. Consequently, he popped up on the Orange County real estate radar in a very short period of time. Selling multi-million dollar properties, he rode the wave up until the 2008 economy crisis when the market started tumbling down. A man of action, Tarek created an opportunity for himself by flipping old distressed properties into actual homes.

3. Cameo on ‘Brother Vs. Brother’

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Contrary to popular belief, ‘Flip or Flop’ was not Christina’s first cameo appearance. In 2013, she took the role of a judge in another real estate reality TV show and that was ‘Brother Vs. Brother’. The show featured Drew and Jonathan Scott and their respective teams competing on buying and renovating homes.

4. Their Passion Brings Them Together

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If there is one thing that power couples have in common it is their joint love and knowledge of a certain profession or pursuit. These two darlings met in the office.

5. A Fan Comes to Help

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Registered nurse Ryan Reed was binge-watching a marathon of the show in 2013 when she noticed something. There was a rather big lump on Tarek’s throat which she suspected to be a malignant nodule. After contacting the show’s producer, Tarek was given heads up and he immediately underwent a removal procedure as well as radiation treatment subsequent to the procedure. The Stage-2 thyroid cancer that was discovered previously was sanitized and gone.

6. The Addition to the  El Moussa Family

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The iodine radiation left Tarek infertile for a short period of time. The couple wanted to introduce another child to their family so the opted for in-vitro fertilization.  The first two attempts were unsuccessful. However, Christina managed to conceive the third time around.  They welcomed their second child in 2015.

7. How Does It Work?

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The couple’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars. Their per-episode salary is 10.000$ for every appearance. However, when it comes to the purchase of old property, the couple uses the money they got from past investments. It is a basic principle of re-investing. The most they ever got out of a project was a midcentury modern house they flipped in the episode titled ‘Big Money Flip’. Their initial investment was 710,000$ for the purchase and 212,900$ for the renovation costs. They managed to come on top of it with a staggering 167,600$ profit in total.

8. Treat Yourself

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As of 2015, the El Moussa’s own their own agency called Tarek & Christina. So, if you are big on what they do and how they do it, you too can now benefit from their services. Their official website states that they do renovations, as well as purchase and selling of properties.

9. Pave the Way

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The El Moussa family is now paving the way for the future real estate generation by offering student programs and real estate training through their establishment called Success Path.You can attend one of their lectures in your closest city. Just go to the official website and see where they are holding lectures next.

10. They Never Expected to Rise to Stardom

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In a 2014 interview for Reality411, Tarek told the story of how they became reality TV stars. He stumbled upon an online casting call and called for an audition. “I always tried new ways to grow our business and one night I said: ’Honey, I am going to get us a TV show.’ kind of as a joke.”, said Tarek.

“Being on TV is the last thing we ever imagined doing in our lives”, he said.


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