10 Times People Failed At Nail Art


When it comes to art, people express it in the weirdest ways possible, you wouldn’t even believe some of the stuff I’ve seen. When it comes to beauty, you have amazing makeup and nail artists, that you can find it hard to stop watching them. Personally, nail art is where I am a total freak and lose myself. I love doing my nails. Sometimes, all I need is to have 15 minutes of reflection. Opening my imagination, thinking how to make real what I have in my mind and make it perfect. I never liked artificial ways of making something, going to the nail salon is just too expensive and does a lot of damage to your nails. So I stick with my passion in the best way I can. Trying too much, and wanting to be different often leads to disasters. Below we are going to see some of the biggest fails when it comes to nail art. Enjoy and subscribe.



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