10 Tips On How To Buy Jewelry That Doesnt Look Cheap

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We all know that accessories are necessary. They make us look more sophisticated. At least that’s the point. But there can be a problem sometimes because we make mistakes with the choices and we end up looking cheap. Therefore we have some useful tips you can find next time when are buying an accessory  to add an instant zing to your style.

1. While shopping, be aware that pendants with one stone and subtle shades always look much more elegant than pendants with cute shapes.
Accessories with animal shapes, neon colours, hearts, etc. are cheap looking.

2. Glass or stone beaded necklaces look more expensive than wooden or plastic.


3. Elegant, clutter-free earrings with one stone give a richer look than earrings with beads strung together.

4. Make sure that enamel merges smoothly with the metal while buying jewellery with enamel work.


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