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10 Tricks That Will Forever Change Your Laundry Routine


Laundry is a never-ending chore that we are sentenced to for life. For young parents, it’s even more repetitive if they don’t want to end up under a pile of dirty clothes and underwear. For those finding themselves in such a predicament, we have compiled 10 awesome tricks that are going to make the repetitive, frustrating drudgery of doing the laundry over and over again more bearable.

And you’ll love these tricks, believe me.

1. Sock patrol

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Sick of losing socks? Clip a mesh bag to the laundry basket and start sticking all your socks inside of it. This way you will make sure you are never left with unmatched socks again.

2. DIY rolling hamper

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Struggling to hold the kids and the hamper at the same time? Make your own rolling DIY hamper by gluing some old truck and car toys to the bottom of the old laundry basket.

3. Dryer erase marker

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If you are constantly putting clothes that need to be air dried in the dryer, use a dry erase marker to make notes to yourself about the items you need to remove right after you start the wash.

4. Utilize soap dispensers

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Hang soap dispensers on your laundry room wall. This not only looks chic and modern but will allow you to get your detergent easily while keeping your children away from the chemicals.

5. Create laundry wall space

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If your laundry room is constantly cramped you can add towel bars or simple hooks to the wall. This will significantly improve the vertical space available to you.

6. Hang stinky clothes

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If some items of clothing really smell bad, don’t just throw them on the laundry pile. Instead – hand them to prevent the development of mildew that would only make the smell worse.

7. Throwing in the towel

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When you are really running out of time and need to do a load quickly, throw a dry, fluffy towel in with the clothes being dried to speed up the cycle. The towel will absorb some of the moisture and cut the time needed in half.

8. Makeshift dryer sheets

tricks 8

If you have no dryer sheets, do not despair. You can always use a crumpled up piece of aluminum foil. It gets even better: you can use the ball of foil for several cycles!

9. Avoiding wrinkles

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If you have a drying rack, you have surely noticed how hanging clothes over the bars will leave them creased. To avoid this, cut a length of pool noodle to drape your clothes over and you’ll never have to be annoyed by wrinkles again.

10. Professional folding

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Although this is nothing essential, having your clothes folded neatly as they do in the shops goes a long way in feeling good about how you do your laundry. All you have to do is take a sheet of cardboard and cut slits as wide as your shirts and about half the length up. This simple tool will do your folding for you in the future!

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