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10 Tricks For Cheating On Exams


We’ve all been there. Sometimes you simply don’t have the time, energy or simply can’t grasp the material – period.

That’s when tricks come in handy. So, printing the whole lesson on a tiny piece of paper in Font size 5, sticking it to your clothes, writing on your leg, writing on your palm… You name it, people have tried it. Some have lived to tell the tale (read: got away with it), some failed miserably.

So, for all the fallen heroes of cheating on exams, let’s take a look at this video and avenge them. Or let’s simply look at it to be prepared next time and just pass it no matter how hard we studied.

What’s your foolproof way of cheating? Or are you one of those people who simply don’t approve of this?

Or, maybe you’re a teacher. Sorry 🙂


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