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10 Ugliest High Heels in History


 The history of high heels dates back many centuries. Although many people never give it a second thought, high heels, which are now an essential part of fashion, originate from way beack when. As the shoe progressed through the centuries, it took on various purposes other than the high fashion as we know it today.

Throughout history, high heels have been a symbol that differentiates between social classes and the sexes.  In the past, they  also served as a symbol of sexuality and class as they made women’s movements appear more elegant since their feet were already in a standing position.  The early high heels had a functional value in addition to being an indication of social status.

Beautiful, provocative, sexy – a girl can never have too many heelsYou might think of high heel shoes as beautiful, sexy or elegant, but that’s before you saw the ugliest pairs of high heel shoes ever. Some are made from bizarre materials, like actual animal hooves and human hair, while others are made to look like weird things, such as fins and tree roots. Or how about a pair of teeth snapping out at you from under your toes, or a leopard stretching across your feet? Yep, these ugly high heels will make your toes curl in horror.


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