10 Unexplained Mysteries


Lost boats, raining blobs, the Black Knight Satelite… All of these mysteries are usually on the verge of explaining themselves, but some of them remain an unanswered question.

How do scientists expect us to sleep at night, when there’s reportedly a thing called Spontaneous Human Combustion? That means sitting around, binge-watching Black Mirror and bursting up in flames for no apparent reason. No, not from hot sauce and chips, no, simply becoming a human campfire with no explanation whatsoever. Okay, in all honesty, all the known cases of SHC have proved to have been related somehow to alcohol and cigarettes (flammable liquid, source of fire), but still. And don’t even get us started on Dyatlov Pass, which was so mysterious, Hollywood remembered to make a movie out of it.

Find out about these and several more from the video below. It is a pretty world, but there’s so much we don’t know yet.



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