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These Weird Japanese Game Shows Are Hilarious


If you want to experience a difference in culture, way of having fun and something that will totally freak you out in a weird, but good way, you’ve got it – Japan. It’s not all strict rule following there, when you get a glimpse in the game shows they produce, your jaw will drop.

Japanese game shows are known for their bizarre content, such as physical challenges, flashing lights and eccentric costumes. You won’t believe what these people are taking on – from escaping a room full of water to dealing with a grizzly bear.

Fearful or fun, these are some of the weirdest game shows in Japan.


Contestants on this game show are forced to solve puzzles and answer questions. This sounds simple enough, but the show makes sure the pressure is extreme by having the contestants in high-stress scenarios while playing.


Source:5Fingers / WordPress

For instance, playing can involve balancing on a retracting plank or being trapped in a room quickly filling with water. Sound terrifying!


2. Human tetris

Yeah, sounds fun, but contestants actually stand on a platform while a series of walls come rapidly towards them. The only way to win is to maneuver one’s body to get through the challenging cutouts.


Source:The Life Feed

Just hilarious! However, it is extremely hard to get out of these cuts. Most of the time players end up being pushed off the platform.



3. The Bum game

You really need some skills for the next one! This game involves girls placing their bottoms in a mold that hides their identities from the contestants.


Source:YouTube / Facts Verse

The objective is for the players to try and figure out which rear end belongs to each girl judging solely on the two holes revealing their bums. Sounds fun to you?


Source:YouTube / Facts Verse

4. AKBingo!

Starts out as an innocent game of hitting dodgeballs. However, those who get hit need to increase the grotesque factor throughout the game. Sometimes the punishment involves girls having to blow a large insect in a tube. Of course, the one who loses will end up with a bug in the mouth. Definitely not fun to watch!


Source:YouTube / Facts Verse

5. Let’s go to the end of the world

Contestants do get to travel around the world, but they have to experience some strange stuff.


Source:Vimeo / Randy Miller

This odd stuff can include finding yourself in a Plexiglas cube called “the predator box” in order to “confront wildlife”. Then, a grizzly bear is released, while the contestant is left inside the box, obviously terrified.


Source:Huffington Post

6. Close up of sleepy faces

In this bizarre game, judges go around a room of attractive girls sleeping on the floor and attempt to wake them up however they please.


Source:YouTube / Hanya Blogger

The girls need to wake up in a cute way, or they will get a pie to the face.


Source:YouTube / Hanya Blogger

7. Strip the girl

In this game, men are put through a series of challenging and embarrassing tasks in order to catch a glimpse of a naked model standing behind a board.


Source:YouTube / Leela Fry

The board has boxes with numbers and contestants have to throw bean bags at them in order to remove the sections one by one. Is this even permitted by law?


Source:YouTube / Leela Fry

8. Spread Your Legs

This painful game involves three girls: one who spins a wheel, one who sits inside a torture device, and one who manipulates it.


Source:YouTube / Facts Verse

The number of the wheel lands results in just how much the torture device is manipulated. The machine spreads the girl’s legs. But who’s the winner here? We can’t possibly tell.


Source:YouTube / Facts Verse

9. Slippery stairs

The games above were painful up to a point, but this one just gets the highest score of painful. Contestants need to climb soapy stairs.


Source:YouTube / SuperTVCommercials

However, most contestants end up plunging down the staircase and sliding into a large pool of goop. This makes their next attempt even harder. It’s good that they are wearing helmets, though And they are hilarious to watch.


Source:YouTube / SuperTVCommercials

10. Human bowling

In this game, contestants are taking the place of bowling balls. Then, they slide down a sloped lane in order to knock down giant pins.

11. Tore

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