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10 Weirdest Beauty Products


Ah, the lengths we’re prepared to go for beauty.

So far, the world has covered painful esthetic surgeries, needles in every wrinkle, all kinds of goo to cover our faces and of course – Photoshop.

And you’d think we’re tired of being slaves to what the media call beautiful, but no. The world keeps inventing ways and products to achieve even the unachievable, and it’s not always pretty. Sometimes it’s pretty weird actually.

But hell, as long as it does the job right? These products here seem pretty harmless.

For example, toenail stockings are pretty innocent, but how exactly does a breath-checker work? And try to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re ready to try bull semen conditioner!

You’ll find these and many more in this video prepared by The Talko.

Which one of these would you try? And which ones made you say ‘NOPE’?


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