10 Weirdest Sailor Stories


You know when you go for a casual swim and something lightly touches your leg and you rush out of the water? Well, some people have encountered scarier things in the water. They’ve lived to tell the tale too. Let’s see, then.

1. Fisherman discover a body, then the same body vanishes.



Um, what? So two fishermen wake up in the middle of the night and gear up for some fishing. They were both on the starboard and hear a loud splash. They find a woman floating in the water. Creepy yet? They couldn’t bring her on the boat, so one of them got a fishing rod, and the other called for the coastguard. They were only gone for 20 seconds, but she vanished. No one has any idea where she came from and where she went.

2. A chorus of jellyfish light up the sea in a thunderstorm.



This one is impressive. A sailor found himself on the coast of Okinawa, Japan during a thunderstorm. During a few repetitive lightning strikes the man noted seeing jellyfish lighting up everywhere and stated that the water “literally looked like it glowed purple and red that night”.

3. Charter boat receives unexpected visitor at 5 am.



One time, passengers on a fishing charter heard a strange noise about ten miles off-shore. It kept getting louder, until, get this – a deer swam by the boat. They were at SEA.

4. Suicide at sea.



It’s never nice to witness a suicide but there’s something even creepier about it happening at sea. A man had hung himself on a boat about five miles out to sea and when sailors passed by, they noticed the man tied to the boom.

5. Strange unidentifiable lights under water.



This one may seem dreamy and magical, but what would you do if it happened to you? A member of the coastguard recently assigned to a ship noted seeing an unknown blue light beneath the water’s surface. He checked the log books and noted that every few weeks there were similar sightings of lights on the horizon or underneath the water of varying colors that couldn’t be accounted for.

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