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10 Worst Shopping Fails


If you’re addicted to online shopping then you know, YOU KNOW how horrible it can turn out. True, you’ve had amazing moments, when the delivery person comes and you finally hold your coveted item. And then, a different delivery person comes and you’re holding Barbie doll leggings, instead of ones in your size.

Yep, it happens. And this video here holds 10 of the biggest online shopping fails. You’ll cringe, you’ll feel sorry for the people and you’ll laugh. And you’ll think twice before ordering something from a shady salesperson online.

And in the end, we all know you’re going to click that ‘send to cart.’ button. Just make sure that if you do, and it turns out a disaster, you write about it in the comments. Let’s laugh at our fails, you guys!

And if anything similar happened to you before, join the club, we have jackets. Human-sized, of course.


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