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10 Things You’ll Find Useful If You Have An Iphone

Editorial Credit: blackzheep / Shutterstock.com

Did we mention that it’s the best phone in the world? Yes?

Okay, many readers won’t agree with this, as there’s an ongoing battle between iPhone and Android users. But the iPhone has so many convenient functions and such an excellent user interface, it’s still one of the most coveted pieces of technology out there. And the best-selling one, for that matter as well.

The Talko made it convenient for us to set up this video of 10 iPhone hacks every user should know and it’s so perfectly useful. While the airplane mode may already be an old trick, did you know you can create keyboard shortcuts? Customized ones? We didn’t.

Learn how in the video below, and if you see a hack that hasn’t been mentioned, do say in the comments. You’ll make iPhone users fall in love with their phones even more (if that’s mentally possible at all).


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