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11 Astonishing Ideas For DIY Hacks Out Of Empty Toilet Paper Rolls!

Empty toilet paper roll recycled as a seedling planter

Empty toilet paper rolls used in DIY projects! Why not? You won’t believe what amazing things can be made out of this simple ‘waste’ you always used to throw away!

Take a look at these creative hacks made out of this simple household essential. We are sure, in no time you will grab your DIY kit and start already trying them out!



These hacks besides being creative also will make your life much easier offering practical solutions to your everyday household problems.

Take a look at the 11 incredible hacks that will absolutely astonish you!

1. Decorative Mirror


Have you ever thought you could create a decorative mirror out of empty toilet rolls? Well, believe it or not, it is possible. This is a very simple hack you can do only by shaping the toilet roll to the edge of your mirror. For the full step by step DIY tutorial click here.

2. Toy Garage


Isn’t it a perfect idea to put order in the kid’s messy room? All you need is a large box and empty toilet rolls. Next just glue the tubes into a row and keep doing it until the box is full. You can even paint the tubes to give a more stylish look to the box or you can just leave them as they are, it is completely up to you. Once the glue is dry you will have a nice toy car garage your children will love!

3. Green Fingers


This hack is for those in love with growing plants and is really simple. Take the empty toilet roll and turn it into a seed starter. This is not only simple and creative but it’s practical too because over time the cardboard will decompose into the soil, making it a win-win case!


For the full step by step guide click here.

4. Pen Pot


Need to organize your stationary? Don’t worry, you don’t need to waste money on a pen pot but you can instead make your own in no time. All you have to do is spray paint several empty paper rolls in your favorite color. Then simply attach them to each other on a piece of cardboard.


Easy-peasy right?

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