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Hilarious Babies Who Look Like World-Famous Celebrities

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Famous celebrities can shock us with their looks or life decisions. Some decide to adopt a lot of babies or give birth plenty of them, whereas some just feel that being a parent isn’t their thing. When they finally come out in the public together with their children, fans’ hearts melt as they search for some physical similarities. Many are disappointed when they just can’t see any. Luckily for you, these cute-looking babies have a lot in common with famous celebrities. You’ve seen adult celebrity doubles, but that’s just nothing compared to what’s following.

These cuties are the spitting image of celebrities. But they are far from their children or relatives, And, indeed, nature is wondrous.

1. Looking like Ed Sheeran and rocking it!

How cute is this two-year-old looking so innocent? I wonder if his parents are somehow aware of his possible connection to this great musician. I bet this little one will one day look exactly like grown-up Ed! And it will be amazing.


2. Is it baby Gandalf?

Ian McKellen would probably look shocked when he sees this picture. Is this baby going to become a wizard himself, following Gandalf’s steps?


3. Litte Mrs. Doubtfire

The favorite movie character of many just got a baby double, and it’s looking cuter than ever. Actually, these glasses were a thing in the past, but, still, what a striking simillarity!


4. Same facial expressions as Danny DeVito.

How cool is the fact that your baby looks like Danny DeVito?


5. Is it little baby Jazy Z?

No, it’s just a little one looking exactly like him.


6. Vin Diesel would love this cutie

Just look at the way this baby puts his mouth. Same as his double, Vin!


7. Jamie Oliver has a baby double, too!

His hair is exactly the same!


8. Kevin from The Office will be amazed that this baby looks so much like him.

The hairline is close, too.


9. Is this little bunny related to Gordon Ramsay?

No, but they would make a perfect dad-and-son couple.


10. Is this baby going to be an award-winner just like John Legend?

He looks cute and he might just win awards in the future.


11. Here is the not-so-royal Prince George!

How cool is this kid?



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