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Cleaning Your Home Will Be Way Easier If You Apply These 11 Tricks


Wouldn’t it have been great if our homes were clean and sparkling the whole time, without any effort on our part? There must be a parallel universe somewhere, where we never spend a minute on cleaning around our houses and have all that time at our disposal for more fulfilling, less soul-destroying activities. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that universe, but in a far more mundane and prosaic one, where cleaning around the house goes on all the time, only to start anew once we are finally done.

The good news is, although we will never open a passage to that other dimension, there are ways in which you can dramatically reduce the difficulties you encounter when cleaning. Here are 11 such ingenious methods.

1. Rub a candle into your shower grout


Once you’ve scrubbed away all the mold and mildew from your shower grout, you can extend the durability of your efforts by protecting the area with a coating of candle wax.

2. Make a DIY daily shower spray


And when the time comes to scrub again, make it easier on yourself by keeping the shower sparkling between cleanings with a daily spray you can make yourself.

3. Keep your toilet fresh with DIY fizzes


When you don’t have time to clean the toilet properly – and hardly anyone has the time to clean it every day – there are fizzes that will keep things fresh and cover up smells.

4. Double up on trash bags


Always line your trash cans with two trash bags instead of a single one. Not only does this trick give you extra lining to prevent the trash from leaking, it means that when you take the garbage out, there’s a bag already in place to catch the next round of refuse.

5. When you take out the trash, check the refrigerator


Sometimes the best tricks are simple tweaks to our daily routines. When you take out your garbage, make a habit out of checking the refrigerator for expired or smelly foods. That way, you will never give them a chance to turn into stains or mold!

6. Put used pots and pans in the sink to soak before sitting down to eat


Another little tweak that will make your life much easier. Starting the soaking process before you start eating will delay dinner by a few seconds, but it will save you much effort afterward. Not only will your dishwashing be quicker and easier, you will never have to leave those pots to soak overnight anymore.

7. Get rid of the extra pillows on your bed


Making your bed every day is more likely to happen if  you get rid of all those throw pillows that always require extra arranging efforts.

8. Rub a dryer sheet along your baseboards


The baseboards are one of the easiest areas to overlook. Using a dryer sheet will not only pick up and repel dust but make your home smell fresh, too!

9. Line the bottom of your oven with foil


Prevent spills by catching them with a piece of foil. You can leave it in the oven until it starts to build up, then just throw it away and replace it with new foil.

10. Put your clothes away immediately


Mess attracts, mess, so as tedious as it is, folding and putting your items of clothing right away is the only way to keep it from piling up.

11. Wipe down your kitchen and bathroom counters every night


You don’t have to scrub the counters every night; just keep some wipes handy for a quick clean to prevent build-up and extend their cleanliness between two thorough cleanings.


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