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11 Common Mistakes We All Do When We Wash Our Hair


How can you get flawless hair like in the shampoo commercials? Am I the only one who deals with messy stubborn hair? Life is not fair! If your are one of those who seek answers to these questions, we have good news for you! Here is a list of the most common mistakes we make when we wash our hair which leads to a messy,  dry hair or dandruff on our shoulders. Follow the hacks below and you will have the perfect hair you have been craving for so long.

Mistake #1 You wait too long between the washes

You don’t have to wait too long between washes. Just wash your hair whenever it needs it. No matter if it is every day or once a week.

Mistake #2 You use shampoo during every wash

If you use shampoo every day it may result in a dry scalp. For this reason try to skip the shampoo every once in a while.

Mistake #3 Scrubbing the scalp

Scrubbing your scalp may cause breakage and damage. Instead, try to gently work your fingers through the hair.

Mistake #4 Hot Showers

Hot showers are perfect for relaxation but not for your hair. The hot water dries out the skin and the scalp. Instead, try rinsing your hair with lukewarm or cold water.

Mistake#5 Using too many shampoos

We all enjoy experimenting sometimes but try to stick to only one shampoo. It is easier on your hair.

Mistake#6 Using too much shampoo

If you pour too much shampoo it will simply rinse out all the natural oils. Instead, use only the required quantity, that would be a coin size of shampoo.

Mistake#7 Towel drying your hair

Towel drying your hair may cause damage since your hair is very fragile when it is wet. For this reason try to pat your hair dry gently instead of rubbing it.

Mistake#8 Brushing your hair

Do not brush your hair when it is wet as this causes breakage.

Mistake#9 Shampooing your scalp

Instead of shampooing your scalp start with the nape of your neck.

Mistake#10 Not soaking your hair

Before you apply shampoo don’t forget to soak your hair completely.

Mistake#11 Shampooing your whole head

Instead of shampooing your whole head try to shampoo your roots only and condition your ends.

Watch the video below that will help you figure out the right and wrong ways of washing your hair.

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