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11 Times Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted About Celebrities In A Hilarious Way


One of the most influential women in the world and the hilarious comedian, tv host, and actress, 59-year-old Ellen DeGeneres makes us laugh since the 1990s. After DeGeneres starred in the popular sitcom Ellen from 1994 to 1998, she has hosted her syndicated TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, since 2003. In her show, we can see so many celebrities having fun in the positive and humorous atmosphere, but she is not hilarious only there. Ellen adores Twitter and she often makes comments about celebrities that are immediately going viral. There’s nothing this talented woman can’t do.


The most recent hilarious moment on the show was Miley Cyrus talking about her sex life, with her grandma in the audience. I mean, isn’t that awkward?

Anyway, Ellen’s tweet-game is always strong, but these following tweets about celebrities will have you on the floor in hysterics. Enjoy this comedic genius below!

1. Whatever she wants to be

Ellen is always the one to go public with her congratulations for anybody in the spotlight. That’s why she went to congratulate the royal family in a hilarious way.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

2. Feeling insp!red

There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration from great artists. However, Ellen makes it ridiculously funny. Let P!nk have her exclamation point, Ellen. It’s only fair.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

3. Classic joke

As simple as this joke may seem, it’s ridiculously brilliant.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

4. Ms. Minaj

One just has to be sure to wish a “Happy Birthday” to each individual one of their people. You don’t want to be rude, right?


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

5. Patron Saint

Maybe he will go powerful with his filter and army of unnecessary hashtags! Who can stop him?


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

6. Still “waiting”

Maybe he gets a routine and full-body waxing each year only to commemorate this great movie.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

7. Oh, LeBron…

Ellen may have a point here. Sports award shows always overlook the hardworking athletes on the badminton court. And that is not so cool!


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

8. We can try…


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

9. Wordplay

Short, concise, and hilarious! Cray Z.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

10. Makes sense…

And with her powerful voice, we would probably have no problem hearing her.


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

11. Machine worries


Source: Twitter | @TheEllenShow

Yas, Ellen, you go girl!


Source: Tumblr | ellendegeneres
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