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11 Everyday Objects With Special Secret Uses That Will Blow Your Mind


Life hacks are all over the internet, but if you thought you’ve mastered everything, these objects with secret usage will completely change your opinion. Sometimes, you wonder why people would put holes on an elevator door, and the next thing you know is that it’s meant for emergency cases. These examples will not only save you time, but will make you question the purpose of your daily used objects at home. Here are some of the weirdest uses of everyday objects.

1. Pan handle

If you need a place to rest your spoon when you’re not stirring your sauce, here is the deal. You already have one: the hole in the end of your pan handle.

2. The hole in elevator doors

No one is trying to snoop on you while you’re riding between floors. It’s just a special keyhole for emergency workers.

3. Aluminium or plastic wrap box holes

Yes, you’ve probably been using the aluminium foil box wrong your whole life, but you’re learning now. Fold in these little tabs to lock the roll in place.

4. Hole in your pen cap

Pen caps are one of the most common things children choke on, so they’ve been designed not to block your airway. This is a good one to know!

5. Colorful bread tags

You may think the color of your tag is just random, but really it’s part of a secret code. Each color represents a day of the week, so you always know when it was delivered to the store. Usually, the days are in alphabetical order (Monday is blue, Tuesday is green…), but each company is a little different.

6. Plastic lid cup

If you have a plastic up and a lid, you might be getting a free coaster, too! The cup is designed to fit perfectly onto the lid and keep your tables looking like new! What a secret to find out! Your life just got less messy!

7. Gas tank arrow

This is a small detail that almost everyone overlooks, but the tiny arrow on your gas tank meter says which side your tank is on. So convenient!

8. The “57” on your glass Heinz bottle

It’s not decoration, but a helper, in fact. If your ketchup is sticking in the bottle, turn it over and slap the 57 logo to make it slide down easily.

9. Chinese takeout containers

Except for being handy for bringing your food home, they also fold into plates in case you don’t have any, or don’t feel like doing dishes.

10. Tic Tac lids

Have you ever wanted to eat just one Tic Tac? If you happen to answer yes, the lid on your pack of mints will actually dispense them one at a time.

11. Pasta spoon hole

How much pasta is enough for one person? The eternal question can be easily answered with the help of this hole in the pasta spoon.

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