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11 Everyday Tasks You’ve Been Doing Wrong Since Forever


Of course you know how to peel a banana…

Uh, no. Actually, we’re pretty sure you don’t. And we have proof. If you’re not doing it the way it’s described below, then you don’t. And with this, 10 other things you think you’ve gotten the knack of…but haven’t, quite!

So let’s see what’s been going wrong:

1. You should actually peel a banana from the bottom – the way monkeys do it.



2. Cardboard foil containers have a tab on the side you can hold so the foil doesn’t unravel when you rip off a piece.

Foil Fixer 1.jpg


3. You can unroll the top edge of the ketchup holder to make it more convenient.

Ketchup 2.jpg


4. The soda can tab can be used as a straw holder.



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