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11 Girls Who Look Like Real-Life Human Dolls!


Almost every girl has a Barbie doll, some even more than one. According to “Barbie” by Sara Pendergast, an American girl between the ages of three to eleven owns 10 Barbie dolls.

Apparently, most of us stop playing with the toy at a certain point, but some girls grow up, and they love this famous doll so much they try to transform into one. Becoming real life Barbie, Fukkacumi or some other doll is an obsession for them. They spend a fortune on plastic surgeries and makeup to look like Barbie as much as possible. Some of them even remove ribs to have the amazingly thin waste line.

If a Barbie was a human she would be almost 6 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds. She would have such low body fat levels that she would not be able to menstruate. Her real life measurements would be 38-18-34 wich is a huge difference compared with the average woman’s measurements of 41-34-43.

Lolita Richi


Victoria Wild


Dakota Koti


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