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11 healthy high-protein snacks you can eat to lose weight easily


Breakfast on time is the most important meal you will have during the day, but don’t forget the snacks. This time, we have some healthy options you can eat as a snack, and you can prepare them in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that all the qualified nutritionist are advising that we have to eat regularly to lose weight. Starving is the worst thing you can do to your body. We should have snacks approximately two hours after the main meals.  It programs our brain to switch off the starving mode and to spend the extra pounds we have.

From now on forget about the potato chips and try this healthy full of proteins snacks that will keep your belly full and your brain satisfied.


1. Apple and almond butter sandwiches


It takes no time to prepare it. It’s rich in proteins and low in carbs.  All you need is an apple and almond butter. You can be creative and add some dried berries and cocoa powder or some crushed coffee beans.

2. Apple and nut butter fruit dip


To prepare this snack, you can try mixing the almond butter with different flavors of yogurt and enjoy the freshness of the apples with it.

3. Tuna Salad on Crackers


A can of tuna has 26 grams of protein for only 120 calories. Tuna on a cracker with fresh leaves of green salad it the best snack.

4. Avocado and cottage cheese toast


Cottage cheese and avocado are the healthiest and super high in protein snack you can have. If you have, you can add some fresh basil leaves and tomato slices.

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