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11 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real Life


Pokemon Go stormed the world. Everybody knows about the game and it seems almost everyone in the US is playing Pokémon Go. According to the Recode estimations, this game has about 9.5 million daily Pokémon Go players.

But did you know that the Pokemon’s we are chasing all over the world are inspired by real animals from planet Earth. You have to concentrate, and you will quickly spot the details which are resembling the animals.

For example, Poliwag has a weird swirl on his belly which is not some random decorative design. It resembles the translucent tadpoles swirled intestines.



Source:National Geographic

Caterpies particular design is exactly like the eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar, including its weird antennae things. Caterpie has even the eye – like markings just like the caterpillar.




Are you curious to know more about the Pokemons? Check the video by Facts Verse below and see it for yourself.

Source:Facts Verse

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