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11 Seemingly Random Everyday Items You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of

11 Everyday Items You Didn't Know The Purpose Of

Have you ever seen a seemingly normal item with no particular purpose and thought “What’s that thing for?”

Well, you’re about to find the answer to that question on these 11 common items.

1. Tic-Tac holder

1. Tic-Tac Holder

The raised indent on the Tic-Tac box lid isn’t there for show, it’s meant to function as a dispenser so you can eat one Tic-Tac at a time.


2. Cylinder on laptop charger

2. Cylinder on Charger

The reason why there’s a cylinder on your laptop charger is very scientific, but essentially, they’re chunks of magnetic iron oxide that suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference, say from your phone.

3. Grooves on bobby pins

3. Bobby Pin Grooves

Bobby pins have two sides, grooved and flat. The grooved side is actually meant to go in face-down, which keeps the hair in place better than the flat side.

4. The arrow on your gas gauge

4. Gas Gauge Arrow

It’s totally fine if you haven’t noticed this before, as it’s a very tiny detail. On your car’s gas gauge, the little gas pump icon has an arrow on it. This is simply designed to show on which side of your car the fuel filler is, so that you know on what side of the pump to stop.

5. Pot handle hole

5. Pot Handle Hole

You’ve probably noticed that your single handle pots at home have a large hole on the handle. The hole, believe it or not, is actually meant to put dirty spoons in there so that they don’t mess up the clean counter top.

6. Holes and grooves on the tape measure


This is very simple. The hole is to hook on to the nails if it’s needed, and the groove marks where the tape stretched to by grinding into the surface.

7. The micro pocket on your jeans

7. Micro Jean Pocket

Unless you’re Levi Strauss himself, you probably don’t know what this is for. It’s actually there for a simple – and good reason; to hold your pocket watch. Remember when those were a thing? (I mean, they still are, but they’re not as common)

8. The hole on the pen cap

11 Everyday Items You Didn't Know The Purpose Of

The reason why this is here is actually somewhat dark. It’s to prevent us from choking should we, God forbid, swallow the pen cap. It’s there so the unlucky victim can breathe while its being removed.

9. Shirt loop

11 Everyday Items You Didn't Know The Purpose Of 2

Some people believe this is simply for hanging the shirt, while others believe that it’s to hold the suspenders in place when they were popular. We may never know…

10. Converse holes

11 Everyday Items You Didn't Know The Purpose Of 3

Hardcore Converse wearers may know about this one already, but the little holes on your high tops are actually there so your feet can breathe a little bit more easily. How incredibly thoughtful of Chuck Taylor!

11. The hole in the spaghetti spoon

11. Hole in Spaghetti Spoons

The hole in spaghetti spoons is meant for measuring roughly one average portion of pasta. So all along, the answer to our pasta problem has been right in front of us.

Did some of the uses for these items surprise you? Did you happen to know these already, or do you know any other seemingly random items that actually have a purpose? Let us know in the comments!


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