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11 Surprising Facts About Happy Gilmore That Fans Are Not Aware Of


The 1996 sports comedy film Happy Gilmore, where we saw Adam Sandler and his newfound talent for golf, was an instant love for the comedy buffs. The movie even won an MTV Movie Award for “Best Fight” for Adam Sandler versus Bob Barker. If you go back 21 years, you might remember your best buddy and you being truly excited about the movie premiere. Then, 5 years later, watching it all over again, until it became a tradition. You think you already know everything about the movie, well, these 11 facts might really surprise you.

1. Adam Sadler is, in fact, terrible at golf.

He’s also not very good a hockey. What?


Source: Fanpop

2. Remember Bob Barker and Happy fighting? It was probably one of the most iconic scenes in the movie.

Actually, Bob was just throwing those punches!


Source: Us Magazine

Bob Barker did study Tang Soo Do Karate with eternal meme master Chuck Norris. That’s impressive, but the fight was, of course, not real!


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3. Otto, the homeless man who caddies for Happy is Adam Sandler’s good friend, Allen Covert.

He is also the guy from Grandma’s Boy. Best buddies everywhere!


Source: The Interrobang | Pop Entertainment

4. The evil nursing home orderly, Hal L, is played by Ben Stiller. However, he wasn’t mentioned in the credits…

Also, no one in the film ever refers to him as Hal.

5. Kevin Costner and Bruce Campbell also auditioned to be Shooter McGavin.


Source: Cinemablend | Taste of Cinema

6. Shooter McGavin was played by the talented Chris McDonald, although he didn’t want to be typecast as a villain.

Adam Sandler had to meet him and convince him!

7. You can buy the Odyssey putter made for the film for only… $1200!

In case you are that kind of a fan…


Source: Daily Mail

8. Happy Gilmore’s swing technique makes it impossible to score and it’s proven by pros.

Only one golfer, Padraig Harrington, was able to launch the ball 328 yards. Some golfers in the European Tour also tried it back in 2013.

9. Frances Bay, who was Happy’s grandmother in the movie, was born in 1919 and only started acting when she was 58.

Bay passed away in 2011 at the age of 92.


Source: EW

10. There are only two real PGA golfers that are spotted in the movie.

First, we saw Mark Lye, the golfer at the cocktail party talking to Happy. The second one was Lee Trevino, the golfer who shakes his head and says “Grizzly Adams did have a beard.”


Source: Yarn

11. Richard Kiel was in a car accident that affected his balance.

That’s why he’s leaning on someone when posing for shots.


Source: Peter A Young

Also, all his scenes are shot from the waist up.


Here are some other things you probably didn’t know about Adam Sandler.

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