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11 Tricks For The Most Beautiful Curls Ever


Hey, curly girls! We know you sometimes hate your hair, and if you love it and own it, then good for you, but here’s the deal: You can make those curls even more perfect.

Yes, you can’t just shower and do the things girls with straight hair can, but you do know they want your curls, right? Curls are a struggle, a daily chore, but learn to embrace them and love them, because they are fabulous.

And here are 11 tricks to make them even more fabulous.

1. Invest in a Wide Tooth Comb



Forget what you know, you need this. After showering, put product in your hair and comb it all the way through. It will distribute the product evenly and you’ll love the result.


2. Try Plopping Your Hair

Source:Donata White

DON’T dry curly hair with a regular towel. The fibers will mess it up and cause frizz. Try a t-shirt. The microfibers are much more gentle. This technique, called plopping, is the best way to dry your hair without ruining the curls.

3. Avoid Triangle Head

Source:The New Lighter Life

It’s so dreaded, it became a thing. This horrible nightmare happens when the bottom of your hair poofs out and the top stays flat – resulting in an unflattering triangle shape. Layers, girls. Layers upon layers upon layers.

4. Figure Out What Curls You Have

Source:Naturally Curly

Just use this chart and learn your  type. They’ll be so much easier to take care of!

5. Deep Condition Your Hair

Source:Made to Style

Deep condition your hair once a week. Try a DIY hair mask (you’re a google search away from a recipe) and prepare your hair for gentle styling, because it won’t protest if you’ve nurtured it with a mask.

6. Use Hefty Hair Clips


Showering at night can make styling your curls the next day a nightmare. Don’t sleep on them, pin them with clips. Twist each piece of hair before clipping and in the morning you’ll have dry, full curls to work with!

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