12 Act Of Kindness From Random Kids Are Real Proof Of Humanity


Children are the most pure souls. They do things instantly without thinking of reward. They are the ones who are just flowing their harts. Their kindness is melting a lot’s of  harts. If you ever thought that the world has become selfish and evil and there is no hope any more think again. Take a look at this pictures and see what this angels have done. The world belongs to the children and we have to learn from their examples. They are the true proof that humanity exists

1. During the monsoon’s in Mumbai this schoolgirl shields a stray dog.

1. A young girl shields a stray dog in Mumbai.


2. 8 years old Noah helped  Licas , adisabled child,in completing the Triathlon Race


Source:Lucas House

3. This girl had  her first hair cut to donate her hair for other girls suffering from cancer.



4. A young boy in Bangladesh risked his own life to save a drowning baby deer.

4. A young boy in Bangladesh saves a drowning baby deer.


5. This toddler helps a bunny to clime up.



6. This boy saved  $120 to feed the homeless with a  provide lunch

6. A young boy saves up $120 to provide lunches for the homeless.



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