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Twelve Beauty Hacks That Your Mom Told You, But Totally Don’t Work


How many things have you heard from mom-like figures about doing things right? Hundreds, thousands? Mothers tend to have this omniscient attitude about advice and sometimes they go along with it although they are not even sure whether it’s true. The most advice they give you are either form life experiences or form their own mothers, so make some good research before trusting this advice. Of course, when you were a kid, you believed anything your mom told you. But, sadly, some of the things she said simply don’t work.

HOWEVER. We might want to remember that for most things, moms are usually right.

1. Brushing your hair will make it softer and healthier.

It will just make for better washing before hopping in the shower. But too much brushing can actually damage your hair.

Source: Mitu

2. Pumping the mascara in the bottle to get more on the wand and break up clumps.

SO wrong! This process actually leads to dry and flaky makeup. The tube receives more air and bacteria this way, so you’d better stop doing this.


3. “Don’t go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold.”

I think I’ve heard this more than thousand times. Also, the same goes for going to bed with wet hair. Doing this will only make you a bit chilly, that’s all.

Source: Instagram | @littledogplayer

4. Your hair will grow back thicker if you shave it.

If this one made sense, we would all be covered in thick hair because of shaving. But we aren’t. So, stop it, mom!

Source: Bite

5. Washing your hair every day is a good thing.

That’s a pure lie. If you do this, you end up washing away the essential oils and drying out your hair. Try to do it every other day.

Source: Pinterest | Cie Macadam

6. Chocolate will give you acne.

Junk food is bad for your skin, for sure, but eating a bit of chocolate won’t be that disastrous for your face.

Source: Instagram | @eatingnyc

7. Every time you pluck a gray hair, two more grow back.

What a myth! Pulling out your hair is still not good for it, but don’t worry, it cannot simply multiply in that way.

Source: Instagram | @annathesheelf

8. ‘Squeezing blackheads might prevent you from getting zits’ is actual advice uttered from a mother who shall not be named.

Actually, it is quite the opposite. If you play with them and squeeze them out, more dirt and bacteria builds up. And, there you go, even more acne. Leave your blackheads alone.

Source: Instagram | @der_typ_von_der_couch

9. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

If you want to look like a clown, you might want to follow the false advice.

Source: Spiked

10. Getting regular trims does not make your hair grow faster.

False again. However, getting regular trims make your ends healthy. Also, you will get less length taken off if you go often enough.

Source: iFunny

11. ‘Split-end repair shampoos’ will fix your split ends.

Your hair will look shiny, but your split ends will still be there. The only way to fix them is cutting them off.

Source: Indian Beauty Diary

12. Your acne will go away when you get older.

False conclusion. Adult acnes are alive. And they can be annoying, too.

Source: Glee Wiki
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