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12 Celebrity Tattoos You Maybe Don’t Know About. David Beckham Surprised Me


Times are changing, and the red carpet celebrities look different now. Tattoos are not taboo anymore. They were hiding their ink before. Now they are proud to show their tattoos.

Just count the likes on the social networks when an actor or a football player shows his new tattoo. Their skin art is on different body parts. We have even seen some with ink on their faces.

Scroll down this list of tattooed celebrities, there are some tattoos you have not seen until now. Number 10 is so cute.

1. Ed Sheeran tattooed a lion on his chest in 2015 to celebrate his three sold-out shows in a row at Wembley Stadium.


2. Ben Affleck surprised everyone with  a colorful phoenix on his back.

#2. A colorful phoenix on Ben Affleck's back.

3.  To honor her performance at the Super Bowl XLIX  Katy Perry  inked a XLIX on her finger.


4. Adam Levine has an angel mermaid holding a skull on his back.


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