12 Chapters Of The Fake Nails Saga

12 Chapters Of The Fake Nails Saga


I have literally asked myself time and time again – How do women function with fake nails? I reached a point where I had that question answered once.

Many moons ago, one of my closest friends was studying to become a professional nail artist. She was offering free manicure and asked me to sit for her, so she could practice. I fancy myself a simple girl. I like my nails short and as clean-looking as possible. But I also love my friend, so I had to suck it up and sit down for the manicure.

The list below very accurately represents my life within the next three weeks that ended up with me basically ripping off the tips off my nails by force.

1. The Struggle

In the very first few seconds of having to function with fake tips, you start revisiting all your life’s choices. Not only your fake nails.


Source: Imgur | frenzyalexis

2. Holding Your Phone

I basically held my phone with the inner muscles of my fingers. Starting somewhere in the middle of my finger. The tips of my fingers felt as they were someone else’s fingers.

Source: Instagram | @vanizam

3. Putting On Shoes Or Any Garment!

Putting on my Adidas snickers was impossible, laughable and almost quixotic. Whenever I tried to pull up my tights, I would destroy them immediately.


Source: Instagram | @ben.northon

4. Your Kid’s Toddler Seat

I don’t have a kid. God bless them and their long-nailed mothers!


Source: Instagram | @shesgorgeoushair

This is the tip of the iceberg and you haven’t seen anything yet. Prepare to see how people type with these bad boys!

5. Stirring the Wheel!

This felt like being a character in a Terry Gilliam movie.


Source: Instagram | @erzanails

6. Texting

You wouldn’t believe, but you could learn how to text in most extraordinary circumstances in no time ever! I used the edges of my fingers.


Source: Step By Step

7. Typing

Do you remember the sound you make when you are slamming against the keyboard trying to guess your password? Well, typing with these nails like is ten times louder!


Source: YouTube | Nailslong.com, long nails lovers

8. Basic Hygiene

How to not butcher my mani? How to wash dishes? Another question comes to mind, but I refuse to go there.


Source: Instagram | @justpolishedsalon

9. Goodnight, sweet prince!

Something had to give.


Source: Instagram | @katherine.ya

10. Cream of any kind, hair masks and such, it’s a no go.

My skin crawls just thinking about having things under my nails. Especially slippery things.


Source: Instagram | @beautynailsbynicole

11. Cans

How do you do it? Peripherally with the other parts of your finger?


Source: Facebook | Fortafy

12. Toilet Paper

Can we leave this question to linger in the air, please?


Source: Instagram | @celinaryden

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