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12 Clothing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


We know you’d hate to see your favorite piece of clothing go to the trash. And yet, sometimes it’s required, as it gets damaged, ripped, or otherwise ruined. But there are some very, very easy clothing hacks that could easily turn a ruined piece into something you’ll continue to wear for years.

For example:

1. A paper towel and club soda will remove red wine!

Pour it onto the stain and it should lift it right out.


2. Sharpies can help cover bleach stains!

You got bleach on your black clothes? No worries, a sharpie will cover it right up. Just color over the spots.


3. Skip the fitting room!

If you’re able to wrap the waistband of pants around your neck, they’ll fit your waist. If the waist doesn’t meet each other behind your head, you probably need a size up.


4. Don’t toss ripped jeans immediately!

Why not combine them with patterned tights and call it fashion instead?


5. Lemons remove sweat marks.

Take a little bit of lemon juice and apply it to the armpits of your shirt before you put them in the washing machine.


6. There is an easy way to get rid of deodorant stains on your shirt.

Just remove it with a baby wipe. The wetness in the wipe will remove the powder instantly.


7. Secure buttons!

Put a little nail polish on a loose button and never lose one again.


8. Hairspray removes lipstick stains!

First, you have to spray it on the stain, leave it for a moment and gently dab it. Throw it in the wash and next time you see the shirt, the stain won’t be there.


9. Remove stains from leather with vinegar!

Take soap and hot water, add vinegar and spray it on leather. Wipe with a dry cloth, rub conditioner in and spray with a waterproof mixture.


10. Get rid of all of those little fuzzy bits that appear on your clothes!

Wash them, run a razor over them, then use a lint roller to pick up anything leftover.


11. Stop your pants from fraying by rolling them the right way!

There is a proper way to do this and it’s all in the picture below. It will also save them from dragging.


12. Iron with a hair straightener!

Iron out a wrinkled collar quickly with the straightener. Use it just like you would on your hair, and you’re ready!



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