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The Most Creative And Fun Ways To Decorate Your Small Bathroom


Many people wish they had a bigger house or bigger rooms, and sometimes we have to struggle with the space we have, so why not make it more fun? Decoration can make a room look shiny, tidy, and artistic. You don’t necessarily have to be a designer or architect to make your home lovely and start with the most hidden room, the bathroom. Everyone that comes at your place will eventually want to visit the bathroom, and it’s one of the most intimate spots in your house. Having a small bathroom makes most owners frustrated. Not having a place to put their belongings, combined with dark colors is what stops people’s decoration juices from flowing.

Small bathrooms can be such an inspiration for home decor. You can make it chic, yet functional and turn it into an enjoyable room for you and your guests. Here are 12 decorating ideas you can rely on.

1. Mirrors make wonders.

Mirrors are the ones who will make your bathroom seem larger, so it’s a great investigation and a smart design choice.

Source: Laurey W. Glenn | Southern Living

2. Add storage over the toilet.

If you want to add stuff, but you are out of space, get creative and use the wall above the toilet. You can install a ladder, medicine cabinet, or a shelving unit.

Source: Jenna Sue Design Co.

3. Build recessed cabinets.

Utilize the space in between studs for recessed storage, which is a great idea for a tiny bathroom.

Source: Better Homes And Gardens

4. Make your bathroom unique by using vintage stuff.

Use dressers and makeup vanities and turn them into functional bathroom necessities.

Source: Shades Of Blue Interiors

5. Wallpapers are always fun.

Cover at least one of your walls with a patterned wallpaper. Make your bathroom look colorful and bright.

Source: Ella Scott Design

6. Use light colours.

This, too, will make your bathroom feel bigger and more open.

Source: Home Bunch Alyssa Lee Photography Patrick Photography

7. Use baskets.

Incorporating a few baskets into your bathroom is useful, can look great and it means extra storage.

Source: Four Generations One Roof

8. Go high with your shower tile.

Take your tile all the way up to the ceiling. This will magically elongate your walls and make the ceilings look higher! Plus, it looks artistic.

Source: Lesley Unruh | One Kings Lane

9. Change up the light fixtures.

This is the simplest way to update your small space. Also, bear in mind that the type of lighting can have a great impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

Source: Shades Of Blue Interiors

10. Keep it simple.

Less is more when it comes to small bathrooms. It is best to keep your accessories simple.

Source: Becky Kimball | Studio McGee

11. Get rid of bulky items.

Anything like old and oversized vanities or storage cabinets can suffocate your space in the bathroom. Replace them with lighter and sleeker items instead, and keep the openness of our bathroom.

Source: Addicted 2 Decorating

12. Be creative and think outside the box.

Last, but not least, be creative with your storage space. You can always add a wooden shelf over your toilet paper holder to make it multi-functional.

Source: DIY Show Off
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