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12 Amazing Cats With Incredible Fur Patterns

fur cat

In the past, cats were worshiped as gods and it seems that cats have not forgotten about this. Since they’ve been domesticated, these fur balls have made it their daily goal to show their humans that it’s not that humans own cats. Oh, no, you poor summer child, cats own humans, and this is known.

And while all cats are awesome, some have just a pinch of more awesomeness that usually makes mankind spend time looking at pictures of them, instead of using the endless knowledge available to it through the internet.

Have you seen these adorable feline specimens yet?

1. Two-furred

Ever thought ‘I want a cat, but not sure if I want a yellow tabby, or a tuxedo? Well, this guy is magically both.


Source: reddit | -Lo_Mein_Kampf-

2. The one with your nose on it.

He has your nose, honey.


Source: reddit | jerlasvegas

3. The one with the fancy mustache

His name is Tom. Tom Selleck.


Source: imgur | DanSandy

4. A cat with shocked eyebrows.

He’s always there to listen about the incredible day you had.


Source: Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

5. The solution to ‘I want it to look like a wild cat’

Amazing fur pattern, amazing eyes, amazing friend.


Source: reddit | earys*****

6. The Winston Churchill cat

He has a top hat, so you don’t have to annoy it and put one on him yourself.


Source: imgur | GMarcelrene

7. The one with the mask

This one’s so cool, you’ll never have a boring Halloween ever.


Source: reddit | TheOriginalSamBell

8. This hipster cat

A cat with a fashionable hint of facial hair. Your hipster friends will be jealous.


Source: imgur | malloryarcher

9. This very Victorian-era British kitty

Any minute now, he’ll start talking and say ‘Quite.’

fur 9

Source: imgur | FauxShaux

10. And another hipster mustache

With the little hat, I can’t take this.

fur 10

Source: Instagram | @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

11. In case you need a reminder that you’re loved.

And he has such a big heart.


Source: reddit | aisleofview

12. This beautiful fur perfection

He’s two cats in one, and he’s gorgeous.


Source: reddit | UnicornNippleFarts
Main image via imgur / FauxShaux
Collage images via 1. imgur / FauxShaux 2. reddit / TheOriginalSamBell

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