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12 different nail shapes to get you inspired


It’s hard to define what is the latest trendy nail shape when there are so many. Sometimes is even better to choose what is the best form fro your fingers instead of following the latest hit.  All the shapes are having a different effect on your fingertips. Depending on the sheape,  your fingers can look longer and your hands elegant. Here is a list of trendy acrylic nails with a different shape, you can get inspired for your next manicure.

1. Round shape is ideal if you have short nails. They will last longer because of the form. Its not easy to brake round shaped nails.


Squared oval shape is the most popular.


Ballerina nail shape is good for you if you have long nails that can hold the length.


Mountain peak shape is not so common. Natural nails can not hold this shape, it has to be done on tips.


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