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12 Examples Of Accidental Art That Are Better Than Actual Art

Accidental Art

If you have a lot of imagination, and if you know what you’re doing, you can turn literally anything into art. But, what if you actually create art by accident? What if something completely uncalled for happens, and it just happens to make some art in the process. Let’s call it accidental art.

And, here are 12 pictures that feature some of this so-called “accidental art”.

1. Pink paint + black paint = A beautiful silhouette of a deer

12 Pictures Accidental Art 1

Source: Imgur | tommysutro

2. This paint peeling reveals a lone tree


Source: Instagram | @suslyckvi

3. Who knew there was a gorgeous galaxy hiding inside a can of paint from Walmart?


12 Pictures Accidental Art 3

Source: Imgur | TJAH

4. A perfect toast and peanut butter dog


12 Pictures Accidental Art 4

Source: Imgur | freddymercurysTeeth

5. The guy driving his car here clearly had love on his mind

12 Pictures Accidental Art 5

Source: Instagram | @malo_marko

6. A truck carrying paint tipped over on the street, and it painted the street in a beautiful array of colors

12 Pictures Accidental Art 6

Source: 22 Words

7. Lasagna in the pot looks like the cookie monster if he were yellow…


12 Pictures Accidental Art 7

Source: Imgur | CaliG831

8. Some happy little trees on the bottom of a coffee cup

12 Pictures Accidental Art 8

Source: Imgur | jazzpenis

9. This spot of rust that looks like a sliced kiwi

12 Pictures Accidental Art 9

Source: Instagram | @revenantreclaimer

10. Perfectly placed pattern of air bubbles on a dollop of paint

12 Pictures Accidental Art 10

Source: reddit | YesButNoWaitYes

11. A rainbow created by the triple foam at the car wash


Source: Imgur | Cheezdealer

12. The sink that had leftover paint in it became its own work of art


Source: reddit | Beard_of_the_Sith

And that’s the last piece of accidental art. Certainly shows that if the right conditions are met, anything can be made into art. Which one of these examples was your favorite? Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments!

Main Image via Instagram | @revenantreclaimer

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