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12 Fashion Trends From The Past That Are Hilarious Now


In the past, fashion used to be very different than nowadays. We saw the giant 80s hairstyles, the huge shoulder pads, the oversized sweaters that 90s kids wore to school, and so many other trends. Although you have a warm feeling whenever you think about some of these because they are a dear part of your past, you can’t deny they were outrageous. From today’s perspective, you probably wish they never existed. It’s good that they remained in the past, but every once in a while, you can come back to them by looking at your old photos.

Here are 15 photos that will remind you of these awful fashion trends that now look hilarious. The gallery is from Aunty Acid.

1. Giant 80’s hair


This hair trend made us feel like rockstars even though we just wanted to be trendy. It kinda looked like you haven’t combed your hair for months. Good thing this stopped being fashionable.

2. Giant beehives


Another giant hairstyle that is so funny when you don’t wear it properly. It used to be pretty damn cool back then, but now, it just looks like the aliens came and invaded Earth.


3. Huge shoulder pads

Versace. 1986

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Did you have fun taking them out of your mom’s favorite coat? They were so big!

4. Men’s outfits in the 70’s


At least they were colorful! The chest hair on Connery is just part of the look.

5. Fanny packs


It seems like they are making a comeback, but not many people are fans. It’s probably better for them to stay in the past.

6. Platform sneakers


You probably wore these only to be like one of the Spice Girls, but they were extremely uncomfortable. Gladly, they are forgotten in the past.

7. The speed limit skirt


Can you actually believe this skirt was designed to stop women from walking too quickly? I know, I’m crying, too! Bye, bye, skirt!

8. Prints that make your eyes hurt


The 60’s brought the mini-skirt and these colorful prints that people loved! For people who love colors, this is a trend they wish to revive nowadays.

9. The mullet


Who wore it better?

10. Harem pants

They do make you look like a baby with a diaper on, but they are so comfy! I still own a pair.

11. Orange tan


A little fake tan never hurt anyone, but it was a bit too much in the early 2000s.

12. The blusher


In the 80s, we saw the brightest blusher ever, and it kinda looked cute. Not anymore, though.

Here are some more fashion trends that we might regret in the near future.

Source: auntyacid

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